Michael John Currie

February, 03, 1958 - January, 04, 2023

Michael John Currie

February, 03, 1958 - January, 04, 2023

Earlier this month, Michael J. Currie went to his eternal home to be with his loving parents and brother Tim. He is survived by his wife, children, grandchildren, and remaining siblings as well
as nieces/nephews who loved him dearly.

Born to the care of Maureen and Raymond Currie, Mike came into this world as a proud Naval Aviator’s brat. Joined by five other siblings - Teri, Tim, Lisa, Amy, and Jim - the Currie clan set up roots in the South East. During his early years, Mike had fond memories of orange groves as far as the eye can see and spending hours outside enjoying the summer sun - tormenting his sisters and playing ridiculous “games” with his brothers. Whether they were chucking cane stalk spears at each other, filling plastic models with bags of gasoline to watch them explode, or building their own ramps to make “sick” jumps - there is no doubt their poor mother was run ragged on a daily basis.

Like any good mother, Maureen kept Mike in his place - putting him in Catholic school where he became the focus of the nuns within a short amount of time. Usually on the receiving end of a ruler, Mike had a zest for life and jokes that few could tame. That was until he met Ann - a long blonde haired, good-natured soul who is now renowned for her Saintly status as Mike’s high school sweetheart and wife for well over four decades.

Exposed to trying times early in his life, Mike lost his father to a training accident when he was only sixteen. In spite of this tragedy, Mike grew into his role of taking care of his siblings and mother - often choosing difficult paths in his life to ensure he could be there for Maureen and the family when they needed him most. Sadly, the family lost their mother at an early age as well - she was a true force of nature who remains the true matriarch of the Currie family.

Mike spent the next three decades moving around the country while doing what he loved - serving with the men and women of the U.S. Army Aviation branch. Though it pulled him from his brothers and sisters, he remained close with each of them...sometimes at their own dismay...particularly as he was a long-winded story teller who was known to exaggerate the
truth on many - if not all - occasions.

While in the Army, Mike commanded at the Company and Battalion level. Some of his most cherished times were with the 8-229th “Flying Tigers” and 7th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment. All you had to do was look in his office to see a wealth of cherished memorabilia from over the years - the man loved his Stetson and spurs. He was an avid lover of anythin with a massive engine that made loud noises. Hot rods and motorcycles were a passion that he often dreamed about...leaving our mother exasperated with the non-stop “toys” he wanted to add to his garage. Can’t forget the sailboat and campers as well...dear god the sailboat. Ever see someone throw an anchor off the bow of a boat even though it’s not tied off? It’s just like Wile E. Coyote in the cartoons - watching dumbfounded as the rope unwinds and slips away. The Army afforded Mike the opportunity to become a certified movie star! Well, at least according to him. If you watch closely, you may see him in Karate Kid II where his Blackhawk crew does two fly-bys, or you can find him in stock footage of an AH-64A flying nap-of-the- earth along a dusty creek in a Texan desert scape - both are required viewing in the Currie household. What the film crews did not expect was the need to anticipate Mike’s accident
prone nature. The man was on site filming for Karate Kid for one day and managed to damage the set in a pretty serious way. Regardless, he managed to get some awesome pictures with the cast - meeting Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) was definitely a highlight.

Following his retirement, Mike continued to serve the Army and found great reward working with Aviators while at the Army’s Human Resource Command. The most Christ-like man we have ever known - Mike loved helping others navigate through challenges in their career. It was the perfect job for him...even if it meant he hounded his own son about how his records looked on a regular basis.

Most importantly, Mike was an outstanding brother, husband, father, and grandfather. He raised two boys - Chris and Nick - who learned to navigate life based on his example. While he was the first to admit he was not perfect, the sun and moon set on him through their eyes. He was a passionate advocate for his family who regularly reminded his kids and wife that he loved them
and was proud of them. And I mean regularly...like daily emails at 0625 that were paragraphs long...who does that?!

If there was anyone he loved more than his wife, kids, and brothers & sisters, it was his daughters-in law - Christina and Lisa - and his grandkids - Noah, Hudson, Faith, and Marlee. The grandkids were his world and he came to life when he was around them. Mike always was a child at heart.

In his last few hours, Mike left this world as he came into it - defiant and naked - frustrating his sweet nurse and often pulling his gown/blankets off to stay cool. His final moments were exactly as he would have wanted it, surround by his wife and sons. Miss you dad.

There will be a remembrance ceremony in Mike’s honor at the Cavalry Chapel on Fort Knox on January 12th at 10 am. The family plans to hold a private ceremony at a later date to toast and
celebrate Mike’s life.

In lieu of flowers, the family established a St. Jude Gift Fund in Mike’s name - he loved kids.

Alternatively, a donation can also be sent to Hosparus which is a fantastic organization for families in their most difficult hours.

St. Jude Gift Fund: https://fundraising.stjude.org/site/TR/GiftFunds/GiftFunds? px=7839026&pg=personal&fr_id=39300

Hosparus: https://hosparushealth.org/donate/

Condolences (6)

Leslie & Bob

Though we were neighbors for only three years, we’ve remained friends for more than 30. Mike was a warm, wonderful, fun-loving soul and the world is an emptier place without him. Ann, may you, Chris, Nick and the rest of the family, in time, find peace in memories of happier days and joy in the knowledge of a life well-lived. Love and prayers.

Andrea Meyer

Ann serving with Colonel Currie and working with you as our FRC in the 70th Tng Division was the highlight of my 28 years. He could be a grizzly bear one moment and Yogi Bear at another. When he was in grizzly bear mode you were ALWAYS there to save us all. He was the absolute best and he adored you so much. Chris and I are thinking of you. My condolences to you and your family

BG Matthew C. & Trish Matia

I had the honor of serving with Mike, knowing him from Captain thru Colonel. I relied greatly on his expertise, professionalism, and common sense in dealing with a geographically dispersed command. He was selected to command the tough assignments, and deployed in support of the war on terror. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. vr

Mary McFadden

Ann, you and Mike and that blue MG – y’all are a permanent part of my life’s most pleasant memories. So sorry for your loss Ann. Know that you and your family are in my constant prayers and thoughts. Peace be with you. Love Mary Mc

Glenda Hilling

Mike was a person that loved life and his family so much. We well miss him greatly. Love Bill and Glenda