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Our team is here to provide you with compassionate guidance when it matters most—so you can say goodbye with grace. We are available to support and guide you through any and every step of the process.

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Empathy is ingrained in everything we do. Our dedicated and licensed professionals have the experience and education to make the end-of-life process as simple, straightforward, and easy to understand for families, so that they can focus on healing. Contact any of our team members at any time.

Billy Scott

President & Licensed Funeral Director

Billy Scott, a proud native of Jeffersonville, Indiana, graduated from Jeffersonville High School in 1996, marking the start of his journey as a dedicated funeral director and community leader.

After high school, Billy earned his degree from Franklin College in 2000 and returned to his hometown to join the family business, driven by a deep sense of duty and a passion for helping families during challenging times.

Billy further honed his expertise at the Mid-America College of Funeral Service, completing his formal education in 2001, equipping him to serve his community with compassion and professionalism during moments of grief.

In addition to his role as a Funeral Director, Billy serves as the Clark County Coroner, reflecting his commitment to public service.

Outside of his professional life, Billy enjoys the outdoors and cherishing moments with his family, including his three children: June, Olive, and William.

Billy's unwavering commitment to his community, his passion for funeral service, and his love for family make him a trusted and compassionate presence in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He continues to offer comfort and support to those in need.

Aaron Scott

Vice-President & Licensed Funeral Director

Aaron, a dedicated Vice-President and Licensed Funeral Director, hails from Jeffersonville, IN, and has shaped his journey through education and family legacy.

He graduated from Jeffersonville High School in 1999 and earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Murray State University in 2003, showcasing his diverse interests.

Returning to Jeffersonville, Aaron continued his family's legacy as a funeral director by graduating from Mid-America College of Funeral Service in 2005.

He holds licenses in both Indiana and Kentucky and serves as a Floyd County Deputy Coroner. His commitment to excellence is evident through his role on the Indiana Funeral Directors Association Board.

Beyond his profession, Aaron enjoys travel, family time with his wife Alanna and children Cora and Andrew, and his loyal companion, Stanley.

In summary, Aaron's life is defined by his commitment to his community as a Licensed Funeral Director and Vice-President, a diverse education, and his dedication to family and animals. His passion for serving others and professional involvement make him a valuable asset to the funeral services industry and his community.

Abby Elliott

Lead Family Care Advisor

Abby Elliott is a compassionate and dedicated Lead Family Care Advisor at Magnolia Cremations, where she has spent the last three years guiding families through their most challenging moments with empathy and grace. Abby's journey began with her graduation from Indiana University Southeast in 2021, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in business management.

Having always sought purposeful work, Abby found her calling in an unexpected place. Despite not envisioning herself in the funeral industry, she discovered that helping families navigate grief and loss was profoundly rewarding. As a Lead Family Care Advisor, Abby combines her education and natural empathy to provide exceptional support to families during their most trying times.

Abby's commitment to meaningful work extends beyond her professional life. Her recent marriage to her husband Zane marks a significant personal milestone. When she's not extending her compassion at work, Abby enjoys the simple pleasures of life: playing with her dog, Millie and cherishing moments spent with friends and family.

Abby's dedication to her role and her unwavering belief in the importance of her work highlight her exceptional character and empathy. Her journey from uncertainty to fulfillment stands as an inspiration to all who seek to make a positive impact in the lives of others, especially during times of great need.

Princessa Rios

Family Care Advisor

Meet Princessa Rios, a cherished member of the Magnolia Cremations team whose dedication and passion are at the heart of what we do.

As a loving mother of two, Princessa understands the importance of family and brings that sense of care and compassion to her role in the funeral industry.

Beyond her professional life, Princessa is a multifaceted individual with a wide array of interests. From capturing moments through photography to restoring old cars, she enjoys the thrill of the outdoors and the creativity of cooking.

Currently a student at Mid-America College - School Of Mortuary Science, Princessa's journey in funeral services was inspired by her culture and traditions from Guam, where she found her calling in this meaningful field.

Princessa has had the privilege of working under the Scott's name for two and a half years, where she has experienced immense compassion. She's learned valuable qualities that she aspires to possess as she takes steps toward becoming a Funeral Director.

What drives Princessa in her work is the opportunity to help families navigate uncertain times and adapt to a new normal. She finds deep meaning in her career by providing proper closure and support to those in need.

Princessa Rios embodies the compassionate spirit and dedication that defines Magnolia Cremations. We're privileged to have her as part of our team, ensuring that every family we serve receives the utmost care and support during their difficult moments.

Debra Goss

Pre-Planning Family Advisor

With a compassionate heart and a wealth of experience, Debra is a cornerstone of Magnolia Cremations, where she expertly guides families through the sensitive process of pre-planning funeral arrangements. Debra's journey in the funeral industry began in 1989, marked by a deep-seated commitment to providing solace and support to those facing one of life's most challenging moments.

Debra's passion for her work is paralleled only by her love for life and family. Residing in Jeffersonville with her husband Keith and their beloved 2-year-old Tabby cat, Gertie, she finds joy and tranquility in her everyday life. An avid lover of music, Debra's eclectic taste provides her with a harmonious backdrop for her varied hobbies. Reading is a refuge for her, offering moments of peace and reflection.

A keen gardener, Debra delights in nurturing growth, both in her garden and in the lives of the families she assists. Her culinary adventures reflect her openness to new experiences and her appreciation for life's diverse flavors.

Coming out of retirement to rejoin the funeral industry, Debra's dedication to her role at Magnolia Cremations is more than a profession; it's a calling. She firmly believes in alleviating the burden of funeral arrangements from families, ensuring that their focus remains on cherishing memories and celebrating life.

At Magnolia Cremations, Debra Goss is not just a pre-planning specialist; she is a compassionate ally, a source of strength, and a guiding light for families during their times of need.

Megan Eickleberry

Care Team Member

Meet Megan Eickleberry, a dedicated member of the Magnolia Cremations team, bringing her passion and expertise to support families during their challenging times.

Megan's journey began with her graduation from Munster High School in Northern Indiana. She continued her education at Mid-America College - School Of Mortuary Science, where she honed her skills and knowledge in the field of funeral services.

What Megan enjoys most about her work is helping families navigate the journey of grief and loss, providing them with the support and care they need during this difficult time.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Megan finds solace in the great outdoors, particularly through her love for paddleboarding. She shares her life with two wonderful canine companions, Karl, an Irish wolfhound, and Puppy, a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Megan Eickleberry's dedication to serving families, her love for the outdoors, and her caring nature make her a valued member of the Magnolia Cremations team. She is committed to ensuring that every family we serve receives the compassion and support they deserve during their moments of need.

Melinda Mohammed

Care Team Member

With 14 years of dedicated service in the funeral industry, Melinda Mohammed, a Palmyra, IN native, offers compassionate support during families' most challenging times. She began her journey at North Harrison High School in nearby Ramey, IN.

Melinda's educational path took her to Spencerian College of Nursing, providing a strong healthcare foundation. Her true calling emerged at Mid-America College of Funeral Service, where she developed deep funeral industry expertise.

Beyond her daily role, Melinda holds an insurance license for pre-need funeral sales, helping families plan for the future.

While devoted to her work, Melinda's heart belongs to her family. She's a proud mother of two and a doting grandmother to two. Family is her world, and her love for them is unwavering.

In her leisure time, Melinda enjoys nature walks with her golden doodle, Ollie, and finds solace in the simple pleasures of fishing.

Heather Dorman

Care Team Member

Heather Dorman, a recent graduate of Mid-America College and Funeral Service, brings a wealth of compassion and a fresh perspective to the Magnolia Cremations family.

A proud mother to a six-year-old son and recently engaged, Heather is dedicated not only to her growing family but also to her chosen profession. With 2 1/2 years of experience in the funeral industry, she combines youthful enthusiasm with a deep commitment to guiding families through the grieving process.

Heather's educational journey took her from Shelby County High School, where she graduated in 2013, to the halls of Mid-America College, culminating in her graduation on September 14, 2023. Her dedication to learning and serving shines through her work.

Beyond her professional life, Heather enjoys the simple pleasures of life, cherishing moments with her son, immersing herself in music, and indulging in culinary delights. Her love for animals extends to her pet birds, highlighting her compassionate nature.

An interesting fact about Heather is her recent foray into piano lessons, showcasing her passion for continuous growth and new experiences.

Heather's youthful energy, love for people, and dedication to helping families in their time of need make her a valuable asset to the Magnolia Cremations team. We are delighted to have her on board, ensuring that every family we serve receives the utmost care and support during their difficult moments.

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