Donevin Allen Quick

05/22/1977 - 06/19/2024

Donevin Allen Quick

05/22/1977 - 06/19/2024

Donevin Allen Quick, 47, of Louisville, Kentucky passed away on June 19, 2024. 

Donevin was a loving father, devoted brother, and a cherished friend. His incredible sense of humor and quick wit brought light and laughter to every room he entered. Always a champion for the underdog, Donevin's immense heart and generous spirit were evident in everything he did.

A true artist at heart, Donevin had a knack for turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Whether working on cars, tackling a new project, or creating something beautiful with his hands, his creativity knew no bounds. Despite his many accomplishments, Donevin was the first to give credit to others, always humble and gracious.

He is survived by his daughter, Kara Moran; parents, Joseph and Cher Jennings; brothers, Dustin Jennings, Caleb (Jaime) Jennings, and Zeke (Tracy) Quick; sisters, Courtney (Todd) Brannan, Jasmine Quick, and Joleen Quick; and many loving aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and loving friends. 

He is preceded in death by his sister, Cheyenne Grassel; father, Bill Quick; and brother, Kiah Quick. 

Condolences (4)


Dear Kara, Cher and Joe, and all siblings and family who are left missing your loved one. I pray you will feel God’s comforting arms when you need them the most. You have my deepest heart felt sympathy for Donevin’s passing and I hope you are filled with joyful memories to carry you through the difficult days. All my love Kim


So many memories of laughter and mischief are brought to mind when I think of Donevin. So many times I’ve told the stories involving some mess or another we created. Like the time we set out little Tupperware plates one for me, one for him and
one for his teddy bear, then piled them high with mounds of baby powder. My heart is broken right now foryou especially but a little for me too. Love to you all.


I don’t have a lot of memories with you brother. But what I do I will carry with me. The last time we talked we were joking and laughing. I mentioned something that I would rather watch paint dry than go golfing. And you and your brother were golfing at that very moment. You sent me a picture and I will cherish this for ever. I love you my brother in Christ. May God bless you and keep you. May he shine his light upon you.

Until I see you again Brother. All my love Greta Gigi Witte

Ashley Reagan

He was one of my first friends in Lake in the hills. Always so funny and trying to keep things light. The world needs more people like that. ❤️