Franklin Elijah Everhart

07/16/1982 - 07/03/2024

Franklin Elijah Everhart

07/16/1982 - 07/03/2024

"May sunrise never find you where sunset left you." – Khalil Gibran

Franklin Elijah Everhart, or just Eli, transcended this earthly realm on July 3, 2024, just shy of his 42nd birthday. Elijah’s journey through life was marked by an adventurous spirit and insatiable curiosity that guided him from childhood to his final days.

Elijah's early years were a celebration of nature and exploration. His adventurous childhood laid the foundation for a life filled with boundless energy and a zest for discovery and creativity. In his youth, Elijah served briefly and proudly in the Army, demonstrating his dedication to his country and his courageous spirit. American thru to his core, Elijah simply loved his country and his community. Following his service, he embarked on a diverse career path. From his role as a lead sales associate to his work as an IT technician, and his pursuit of a computer programming career, Elijah’s professional life was a testament to his versatility and drive. He was a man of many talents and wore many hats until his short life was cut even shorter due to medical issues.

Elijah’s passions extended beyond his work. He found solace and joy in gardening, tending to the earth with the same care and attention he gave to those he loved. His interests included music, cooking, Japanese anime, sketching, gaming, fishing, firearms, science fiction, and technology.  He was an avid reader, lost in the worlds within books by Stephen Hawking, Terry Pratchett, and many others; and continually seeking knowledge as he was a self-educated man.

Elijah was a champion to many in his last years as he suffered from liver failure, fighting bravely to stay alive. He was an angel to many in similar situations and had a large family of diverse online friends who were also suffering and healing together, as one.

He is survived by his loving and grateful mother, Alysse Sofge, his father, Frank Everhart, and his brother, James Benjamin Sofge. He leaves behind his beloved children, Elena Farraday Everhart and Nikola Tesla Everhart, whom he loved deeply, even though circumstances did not allow him to be with them, they will abide in his heart eternally. He also cherished the close bonds he shared with his primos, Daniel Sofge and Josh Cook, who were like brothers to him.  He also leaves behind many dear uncles, aunts, cousins and friends who meant so much to him throughout his life. Sorely missed will be Bowser, his “junkyard “cat, and Diamond, his dog as well as Elizabeth Conway, with whom he shared the last years of his life.

Elijah's compassion, laughter, and larger-than-life personality touched the hearts of all who knew him. His spirit will continue to inspire and uplift those who shared his remarkable journey. As we bid farewell ADIEU to Elijah, we find comfort in the knowledge that his adventurous spirit and boundless curiosity live on in the memories we hold dear. His presence will be missed, as will his hearty hugs and his treasure trove leaving a legacy of love, exploration, kindness, and compassion that will remain with us always.

There will be a simple memoriam for Elijah in Front Royal, VA on 07/23/2024. You may send flowers to Fussell Flowers in Front Royal, VA where you may inquire where the service will be. Your spirit soars free, ad infinitum, to be embraced by the eternal light of love, peace, and light. As Elijah would say "Live long and prosper.."


Condolences (1)

alysse sofge

Goodbye Elegy for My Son, Elijah
Elijah, or just “Eli” as we all knew you, Your life was a vibrant tapestry of storied eclectic people, places, and hues, A persona larger than life, never meeting a stranger, Easy to know, and even easier to love. Albeit, “Easy” was one of your many personas, Edgy, passionate, intense—your spirit a storm, Kind and compassionate, with strength unparalleled, A defender of the small, the broken, the voiceless. And yet you called me and said, I am broken. You showed me your heart.
In both presence and persona, you were a giant, Your hugs, hearty and robust, enveloped us all, Breaking backs with love, filling hearts with warmth, A testament to the love you carried so freely.
You loved your children fiercely, with a Viking’s heart, A protector, a warrior, a gentle giant in their lives, your legacy lives on in their laughter, their dreams, A reflection of your indomitable spirit.
There will never be another like you, Elijah, I am blessed to have shared the journey of your soul, A shining beacon, a beautiful spirit, Gone too soon, but forever etched in our hearts.
May you rest in peace, my dear son, In the halls of Valhalla, where Vikings roam, Your light will guide us, your love will endure, Until we meet again, in the realms beyond.
Your friend in all that is good and true.
Just MOM