Judith Ann Selph

05/31/1954 - 05/28/2021

Judith Ann Selph

05/31/1954 - 05/28/2021

Judith Ann Selph passed away on May 28, 2021. She was almost 67. Her parents were Yvonne Lea (Vetro) and Billy Ray Selph.

Jude was a California girl through and through, born in San Francisco, CA. Her mother’s Portuguese family and relatives were large in her life. She was raised by her maternal grandmother after her mom was killed in a single car accident when she was six. Her two younger siblings Steven Ray and Theresa Lynn, only toddlers, were taken in by an uncle. She attended parochial school graduating with the intention of pursuing a teaching degree. Starting with the phone company as an operator, she married and began working her way up through AT&T or ‘Ma Bell’ as it was known then as an installer and trouble shooter in the field after being among one of the first females completing pole climbing school. She went on to manage a crew and then a white collar position during the divestiture into the ‘baby’ Bells.

She made a nice home for her family, now including two young children, installing a pool on the property in Merced. Her kids were important to her; she took them on travel assignments, arraigning day care. She always made birthdays and holidays special.

In the early ‘80’s she and her children moved to the Northwest working for a cable company then automotive sales before she found her niche in real estate teaming up with Daryl Zanck in a successful agent partnership in Spokane, WA. Scott Stanley and Jude met in Spokane, buying a house together while her children attended parochial schools, which was a priority for her.

Looking for new opportunities and smaller town living Jude and Scott moved to Wenatchee, WA in the early ‘90’s. She eventually found another niche in Princess House in-home sales and as a manager earning trips to conventions in Las Vegas, New Orleans and San Antonio; a week long Mediterranean cruise, a trip to Hawaii, a cruise in the Caribbean and a Christmas trip to Rome.

In order to be closer to at least one of her children’s family, she and Scott moved to Elizabethtown, KY. They bought and renovated a home on property with a barn and pasture building almost a mile of trails in the wooded portions.

Jude was a dark-haired, tall, slender woman with a bright positive personality who made and kept many friends and friendships. She was always willing to take on a challenge and figure out how to get something done whether at work or in her personal life. She made several houses homes, knitted innumerable afghans and baby blankets, built 12 trails on her property and backpacked to the top of the Cascades among other things. Her family was treated with traditional and signature dishes and baked goods. She highly valued her extended family though she lost many before her death including her godparents and sister, and her Shih Tzu, Brindle, of ten years.

Please be so kind as to share your memories of Jude so we can honor her presence in our lives.

Condolences (4)

Whitney Navarro

My best memories of Jude are from all the Christmases we spent together. I loved her yearly handmade ornaments and still hang many of them on my tree. She brought wonderful recipes, stayed up late making puzzles, and added so much to our holidays.

Ginger Walter

Jude became part of my family and she never came to any event without a smile and most often she came with some of her homemade goodies. I still have her recipes in my file and whenever I see them I remember all the holidays we shared.

Brigitte Reinking

It has been many years ago when My husband Joe and I met Jude and Scott at a concert in Kentucky. We hit it off right there! Had so much fun that we continued to celebrate Jude‘s Birthday that night on our farm. An unforgetful evening. Never forget the cheerful, pleasant, vibrant personality and the wonderful laugh. She captured a special place in my heart.
So sorry for your loss, Scott, and her family.

David Earls

Jude was someone who was always people feel comfortable from the first time they met or years later in a professional environment. I like you miss her smile and laughter. Till we see each other again, your friend, David