Revere Urns

Stoneware & Co + Magnolia Urns

Rooted in tradition, Stoneware & Co. and Magnolia Cremations have united to craft an exclusive collection of custom, handcrafted urns – each a singular masterpiece as unique as your cherished loved one.

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Nouveau Pure - BeachNouveau Pure - Beach
Nouveau Pure - Beach Sale price$500.00
Nouveau Pure - CloudNouveau Pure - Cloud
Nouveau Pure - Cloud Sale price$500.00
Nouveau Pure - ForestNouveau Pure - Forest
Nouveau Pure - Forest Sale price$500.00
Nouveau Pure - SkyNouveau Pure - Sky
Nouveau Pure - Sky Sale price$500.00
Deco Pure - BeachDeco Pure - Beach
Deco Pure - Beach Sale price$500.00
Deco Pure - CloudDeco Pure - Cloud
Deco Pure - Cloud Sale price$500.00
Deco Pure - ForestDeco Pure - Forest
Deco Pure - Forest Sale price$500.00
Deco Pure - SkyDeco Pure - Sky
Deco Pure - Sky Sale price$500.00
Deco Twist - BeachDeco Twist - Beach
Deco Twist - Beach Sale price$500.00
Deco Twist - CloudDeco Twist - Cloud
Deco Twist - Cloud Sale price$500.00
Deco Twist - ForestDeco Twist - Forest
Deco Twist - Forest Sale price$500.00
Deco Twist - SkyDeco Twist - Sky
Deco Twist - Sky Sale price$500.00
Nouveau Groove - BeachNouveau Groove - Beach
Nouveau Groove - Beach Sale price$500.00
Nouveau Groove - CloudNouveau Groove - Cloud
Nouveau Groove - Cloud Sale price$500.00
Nouveau Groove - ForestNouveau Groove - Forest
Nouveau Groove - Forest Sale price$500.00
Sold out
Nouveau Groove - SkyNouveau Groove - Sky
Nouveau Groove - Sky Sale price$500.00
Modern Classic - BeachModern Classic - Beach
Modern Classic - Beach Sale price$500.00
Modern Classic - CloudModern Classic - Cloud
Modern Classic - Cloud Sale price$500.00
Modern Classic - ForestModern Classic - Forest
Modern Classic - Forest Sale price$500.00
Sold out
Modern Classic - SkyModern Classic - Sky
Modern Classic - Sky Sale price$500.00

Simple Cremation

We keep the process and price straightforward so you receive the total value of your cremation service.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated family care advisors and care team members support you during every stage of the cremation process.

Secure Transport & Care

Your loved one will be received into our care at our Kentuckiana location, where they will remain until we return them to you.

Fair Pricing

Simple Cremation allows us to honor our commitment to provide you and your family with fairly priced services.